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deFXP V.1.0
So, another decrypter? Why do you need THIS version? Can it do something that other
decrypters can't? The answer is YES! I've searched a lot for such programs and although
they (almost) all seemed to work correctly i still needed one feature - the ability to export
all accounts into a clear text-file. So i made this little util for you. You will be able to
export all your accounts with DECRYPTED passwords!

Size: 241.667 Bytes
Downloaded 3000 times.
Last download on 13 April 2003 04:26

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FileSweeper V.1.1
Tired of those .BAK .TMP .OLD files on your computer?. With this little nice program, you can remove them with a click of a button.

Size: 199.774 Bytes
Downloaded 27081 times.
Last download on 13 April 2003 04:09

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ICQ 2000b v4.65 build 3281
Download this file if you are tired of those
annoying banners in the ICQ message window. Description included in archive.

Size: 980.063 Bytes
Downloaded 1386 times
Last download on 8 April 2003 07:48

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The Millenium Group
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Filesweeper v1.1
ICQ banner remover
deFXP v1.0
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15.09.2001's new homepage has been uploaded. Hope you like it!!!

DOWNLOAD section has been fixed, and it is now possible to download again.

Guestbook was fixed, THANKS to AoN...


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